My dog, Moon, and I on a hike. Both of us were lighter then and more blurry.

Phone booth. Shannon, Ireland. You can wait there a very long time without receiving a call.

Laugh if you want. But it's a Bavarian tradition to wear the suspenders under the clothes. The lederhosen too.

Day of the Dead, 2016. With the addition of the hair, I felt more alive than I had in years.

Raccoon tracks. San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico. I had a lot of fun during the weeks I stalked this critter. Did you know that in Mexico animals can file restraining orders? I didn't.

A moment of reflection for this Great Blue Heron. I, too, often fall into reverie when I can't find my feet.

My father, Roy,  fishing for answers, even though I told him I was only trying to throw the rocks through the hole in the garage door--not hit the car window on the other side. That would have been stupid.

Session at friend Paul Goodnature's house. He wanted me to play Blackbird, but I'm a bit obsessive and had just started Bach's Fugue in G minor. I finished early, but not before everyone had left.

A postal box in the Cotswolds, England. If you stick your arm in the slot past the elbow--even for just one letter--you will not be able to get it out without a scene. Just for your information.

Water tanks. Duluth, Minnesota. A lot of people wish they had this picture.

Doin' art at the farm of my best friend, Vern. He doesn't like me near the crops.

Vultures roosting, as usual, before one of my performances.

Shrimper using a purse seine. San Carlos, Sonora. I swam out too far that day, as it happened. If you look just to the right of the red guy, you can see my hand sticking through the net.

All I remember is they had these giant tweezers--the aliens did--that were really cold and tickled. Then I woke up in this chair with a menu from Taco Bell.

Me with sister, Pat, and brother, Rob on vacation in Minnesota lake country. They were both really dumb back then, but I was okay.