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 michael scherf

Mockingbird - Michael Scherf
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Bless the beautiful, the strange, 

Cast in sacrificial flames, 

The lonely rune-eyed magi

Of the borders and the names.

                        -Rain Child

Now there's ice on the wires,

And snow lays like memory,

Heavy as silence on the winter lawns.

Do you sit by the fire?

Do you think of me any?

Are you steppin' out lightly with another one?

                              -That Kind of Girl

How breath finds a soul;

How breezes blow free;

How roses unfold,

And grass grows easy.

How planets incline

And water runs true;

How endless is time

And how I love you.

           -And How I Love You

It's the morning that you dread

And all his expectations.

Can you weave another thread 

In your tapestry tonight, Scheherazade?

Can you please him with a story?

Can you be his little morning glory?


The logic bleeds, the engine's broke.

I'm OCD, dissecting why she had to go.

I've checked the hoses,

The spark and stroke, the fuel line.

Can't diagnose the cause

Of this breakdown on the road tonight.

                       -Boy, Again

The devil in your eye,

Already miles beyond us,

If it was just to fly we wanted.

If ours were horses 'hearts,

Maybe we'd not have missed it:

The true, astounding part, Seabiscuit.


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In the songbook tradition of classic writers Carole King, Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder, and Billy Joel, and contemporary heirs, like John Mayer, Norah Jones and Jason Isbell, the song, itself, is the thing with Scherf. Folk, pop, country, rock, R & B--no matter the genre, the tunes hold their own against the best, offering a leg up for any performer. The music is golden.

Tired of doing covers?  Check out these original songs.  

Girl  Video


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We ripe the memories in our hearts

We strike them like chimes

We store them up in mason jars,

Against the breath of time



Michael Scherf is a true songwriter in the vein of James Taylor and Jackson Browne...a fluid and captivating performer and writer with an outstanding catalogue of music... Definitely worth a first, second and third listen.

Jennifer Harold

producer of Brave New Radio & Radio Asylum, Eve 6, Pete Anderson, Little Dog Records

Michael Scherf's music gives a fresh breath of life to the nostalgic and the playful. His attention to detail and lyricism lends every song a Michael Buble-esque feeling of classic timelessness and relevance that transcends genre. Music lovers will love his songs for their inescapable charm and thoughtful arrangements with melodies that stay in your head and heart for days.

Samantha Bounkeua

founding member, songwriter and fiddle player in half-broke town, Tucson band;  member Tucson Symphony Orchestra; graduate of Oberlin Music Academy


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