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Out from Under the Covers:  Let's Make Original Music Together! 

     Even great performers need good material, right? Well, here it is, and it's better than good. Whether you're a band* looking to add a songwriter, a singer eager for a song to kick off your career, or a hit act who wants to keep the hits coming, I can help satisfy your needs with music above the general cut. 
     Just contact me, using the form below. 

General Contacts

If you are a venue manager, a fan, a friend or just want to communicate, please use the following form:

*On the Band Thing


     & Rita


8858 S. Desert

Valley Way

On the Idea

of a Band

     To get up and running, I expect to play solo gigs initially, but in order to help my music reach its potential, I am ultimately seeking a band. If you are an established band, interested in featuring my music (even if not exclusively) or a musician open to starting a band based upon my work, please contact me using the form above. The ideal new band, as I see it, would be a group of 4-5 people, each playing multiple roles:

  • lead vocalist, male or female, who also plays an instrument, plus backup/harmony vocalists from among the rest of the group 

  • lead electric guitar and/or keyboard

  • bass guitar

  • drum kit 

  • acoustic/electric guitar (me)

 I play acoustic guitar primarily but can play electric and some mandolin. I have a distinctive style, as can be heard in the cuts here, but I am versatile enough to play according to need. Though I can play leads, I would prefer not to be the lead guitarist, Nor am I after a lead singing role. I can sing, of course, but want a singer more talented than I to perform my songs.

To order physical CDs, please write to me, using snail mail, at the following address:

   Michael Scherf

   8858 S. Desert Valley Way

   Tucson, Arizona  85747


Include your name, the desired purchase, the address to which you would like it sent (e.g., that of a friend) and any special instructions (e.g., a message on a gift card). Include a check made out to me in the amount of $10,00 for each CD requested (this will also cover shipping and handling costs). And I will promptly send out your CD(s), packaged in shrink wrap!

To Order CDs for Yourself or as Gifts

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