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The Michael Scherf Band--or Whatever....

     As a songwriter I  can't think of anything more exciting than hearing my music performed as I heard it in my head when writing it. That's why I want to start a band. The band would feature my songs, as I see it, but need not play only my music. We would play some covers, no doubt, and even songs by other band members. I see everyone paid equally (i.e., for performance, merch sales, CD sales), with the exception of earnings, like song royalties, which, unless the band's unique performance of the work becomes a hit, would go to the composer. 

     I want this to be a good band, so I'm after bandmates willing and able to practice and improve, without letting egos get in the way. Songwriters, of course, would have the greatest, if not final, say in the performance of their compositions, so long as honesty and openness and a commitment to quality is the general rule. With this in mind I see myself as the leader, initially. But I'm open to change and want the experience to be as democratic as possible.

     I don't see it as a touring band--at least not initially. Nor do I see this as an every night band. So I'm looking for bandmates who are comfortable in Tucson and would be satisfied playing a few times per week at most. 

     So who am I looking for, exactly?  

  • a lead singer, male or female, who can sing and be the face of my music- -and who likes it, too, of course

  • an electric guitarist and/or keyboardist to accompany my acoustic guitar and take most leads

  • a bass player

  • a drummer

  • people who can play and sing, or vice-versa

The interview process:  3 songs + a song to show off your chops

2nd phase with select people playing together

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